IAA is a creative music and arts organization whose mission is educating, enriching, and enlightening individuals about the importance and necessity of creating new interdisciplinary art forms. IAA pursues projects that enhance innovative creativity of new interdisciplinary art forms and foster assimilation of these new forms into our present culture.


Interdisciplinary Artists Aggregation, Inc. is open to all art forms with one of its main strengths being music.  In addition to visual and kinetic arts IAA seeks to expand community awareness of contemporary creative arts.  The value of African-American, Global and other contemporary art forms, spontaneous creations, improvisation, transcultural, ritual and interdisciplinary concepts have long been misunderstood and therefore sparsely recognized and supported by the public. 

  • A primary goal of IAA is to create proper environments for the presentation of creative works where artists can communicate with audiences directly.  This type of direct communication frees artists from the dictates of stylized commercial formulas and attitudes used to control the public's taste. IAA concerts are presented in facilities of exceptional acoustics and appropriateness.  In this way the listener experiences all facets of the performance equally without the usual distractions inherent in the casual venues into which performers were historically forced.

  • Another primary goal of IAA is educating diverse communities about the creative process.  Therefore, while IAA concerts may be presented as single performances, they are more often part of lecture series, workshops, or clinics.   IAA sponsors lecture and performance series featuring guest artists from a diverse artistic spectrum.  This diversity enhances our ability to reach diverse voices and perspectives in the community.  We are then best positioned to demonstrate and share practical information about the creative process and its relevance to individual and collective enlightenment and empowerment.


  • Karlton Hester, President

  • Bill Johnson, Vice-President

  • Maruyi Reeves, Secretary

  • India Cooke

  • Douglas Ewart

  • Larry Douglas

  • Cecilia Wu

  • Yunxiang Gao

  • Rebecca Nie

  • Rahman Jamaal

  • Mandjou Kone