Interdisciplinary Artists Aggregation Diversity Statement

Interdisciplinary Artists Aggregation (IAA) is committed to combating racial abhorrence, personal exploits of racism, and the broad reaches of institutional racism that form the basic social framework within which racist violence and oppression have occurred for centuries. Through our collaborative artistic efforts worldwide, that includes innovative creation and performance, socially-conscious pedagogy, artistic mentoring, and amalgamated student research/creative work that explores racism, racial injustice, and cultural marginalization in-depth and proactively, IAA explores bigotry from its core - beginning within the creative arts and extending into global all aspects of cultures and society more generally. From a foundation of artistic excellence combined with an understanding of infrastructural inequality derived from the source of global colonialism, IAA works to create ways in which to search for universal musical concepts that can be examined for their inherent capabilities as commonage. Such examinations might inspire proactive solutions to our differences in the world society.

The boundless power and freedom of artistic ingenuity has always guided African-American music to infectious and authoritative global influence that produced an undeniable influence on global society, throughout the 20th century and into the current century. That force creates counterbalances to the inequities foisted upon underrepresented groups that have resulted in an unequal opportunity that limits Global-African and People of Color equal access to opportunities to survive, nourish, and evolve their communities. Global-African and African American traditions such as field hollers and ring shouts, spirituals, jazz, blues, hip-hop, and inform and influence world culture in impactful ways that are undeniable. Enabling global culture to explore the source of that artistic music, art, history, and cultural development reveals that art and artists with such insight and diverse perspectives on the process of creative evolution, aesthetic values, style, and organic processes can reveal common modes of expression that enable all global cultures to collaborate and discover modes of compatibility, peace, prosperity, and cooperation that allows them to rebuild a global community through the arts.


IAA is currently focused on strengthening its infrastructure through the reflection of the historical oppression of African American, Global African, diverse Latinx, Latin American and indigenous American, and Asian people as a result of invading colonial depravity’s attempts to impose their religion, greed-oriented perspectives, and cultural practices on global indigenous inhabitants. Such recognition is not aimed and dwelling in past conditions, it is focused on exposing “the emperor’s new clothes” for what they really are in order to rebuild a new world culture. Forces ruthlessly pursuing the gain the territories and resources of others lost track of moral principals that some of the ancient and contemporary arts, rituals and principles could help global society restore and generate. Transformative and genuine musical and interdisciplinary artistic expression of the 1960s served as a catalyst that clearly led to social protest, rebellion, expanded psychological vision, ideological maturation, and radical shifts of social energy redistribution. Although the inevitable recent political and the contemporary neo-colonial backlash has produced social destruction, conflict and setbacks, the sociocultural gains in global consciousness are both readily apparent and undeniable despite such dilemma.


European diseases brutally starved First Nations People when their buffalo and other food sources were obliterated, and forced onto dreadful reservations as colonialism decimated indigenous inhabitants of America. Africans were forcefully abducted then forced to build American economic advantages to which they were then perpetually denied access. Asian immigrants worked under debilitating conditions to build the American railroads and other indispensable infrastructure where they were forced to live away from their families while their women were traditionally forced into prostitution. Traditional Asian cultural expression held important aesthetic modes of expression in common with those of Africans and indigenous people of America. While some focused on People of Color focused primarily upon becoming “the polite minority” in an attempt to assimilate into colonial privilege, others discovered the strength and meaning of the evolution of human consciousness, universal harmony, equity, and the formation of artistic and cultural alliances with other free thinkers with the readiness for new forms of global interaction, interconnectedness, harmonious influence, and mutually beneficial direction. Exploring trans-culturally-connected work, aspirations and vision create a positive roadmap to a sustainable and mutually-productive global future.


IAA aspires to replace colonial forces of destruction and value systems through the exploration of innovative artistic collaboration and transcultural communication that nurtures new global interdisciplinary creative rituals and imaginative practices. As a factor of the prerequisite consciousness-raising required to reach that goal, we are dedicated to combating racism and Anti-Blackness at large since its complete eradication would undoubtedly lead to the extermination of all other forms of racist and sexist (gender) bigotry, inequality, and exclusion.