Hip-Hop and Experimental Jazz Fusion Contest

1st Round

Contests will create a 3 to 5 minute rap (to their own beat) on the topic Duo Pandemic (Racism/COVID-19) and submit their recording (ENTRY FORM) no later than midnight December 7, 2020.

2nd Round

After the 1st round evaluation, out 6 semifinalists will receive $100 each. The contest will then distribute 6 new original beats for semifinalists to choose from ​to begin work recording their same rap over new background beats for the second round. The 6 new original beats provided will consist of 4 original Hip-Hop background beats to choose (one) from, as well as 2 Experimental Jazz background beats from which to choose one for the CONEST SEMIFINALS CONCERT.


Semifinalists will all perform in a virtual concert on Friday April 23, 2021 at 7:30pm. Two contest winners will be selected at that event.

Prize and Final Concerts

The 2 contest winners will each receive $500 and perform their rap to the Experimental Jazz beat in a 2nd virtual concert - along with the ensemble Hesterian Musicism on Friday April 30, 2021 at 7:30pm.


For more information contact rapforceacademy@gmail.com


HIP HOP CONGRESS, Rahman Jamaal Mc, Executive Director

Founded in 2001: The Hip Hop Congress mission is to use Hip Hop culture to inspire young people to get involved in social action, civic service, and cultural creativity. Its Chapter Program develops chapters at universities, high schools and in communities. HHC chapters engage in a range of activities promoting hip hop culture on their campuses or in their communities. Its Artist Program is designed to help artists pool resources, sell music and take advantage of all the opportunities the music industry has to offer without giving away the rights to their works in return. It strives to create an international web of resources and contacts for its artist members. As a national and international organization dedicated to its mission, Hip Hop Congress has chosen Education as a central initiative promoted by its artists, chapters, partners, and donors. As the educational system continues to fail American students (particularly low-income and students of color), more and more institutions are looking to independent contractors and consultants for alternative curriculum to address the current education crisis. The addition of Urban Arts into outreach at youth centers and events, as well as generational shifts in educators is becoming all the more common and effective in reaching youth in need. HHC is constantly looking to work with those developing programs that utilize Hip Hop as a positive motivational and academic tool.

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